What HGTV's David Bromstad Looks Like Without Makeup

With millions glued to HGTV's array of home improvement shows, the stars understand the importance of being camera-ready at all times, and David Bromstad is no exception. The host of "My Lottery Dream Home" has traveled the country to help lottery winners find their perfect house for sixteen seasons, and Bromstad's transformation over the years has been stunning. Of course, it's not just the female HGTV stars who have some help getting prepped for the small screen. With high-definition television leaving no room to hide, it's easy to spot even the smallest imperfections. David Bromstad is candid about embracing makeup to ensure he always looks his best on screen. In a 2017 Facebook post, he shared a pic of himself getting touched up and wrote, "My Gorgeous makeup artist and fabulous friend Lana, making me fabulous!"

Bromstad gave another shout-out to his makeup artist a month later. "Filming some fab new episodes for you. #MyLotteryDreamHome #MLDH HGTV My gorgeous makeup artist Lana using some new products to make me Perty!" he wrote while posting a pic of himself holding up a bottle of foundation. While his makeup is minimal, fans are probably curious to see what he looks like when he's not filming, and many might be surprised to learn that he has face tattoos.

David Bromstad covers up his face tattoos for HGTV

It's no secret David Bromstad has tattoos everywhere and proudly displays his sexuality with LGBTQ tattoos. Included in his body ink arsenal are a lightning bolt and a small heart near his eye, which he covers up while filming "My Lottery Dream Home." When he's off camera, he proudly displays his face tats, which he showed off in a makeup-free selfie with his mom. "To the sweetest, most wonderful, sassy, loving and kind mom ever! Forever my best friend and confidant. Thank u for everything," he gushed on Mother's Day in 2021. It's clear where Bromstad got his good looks from, as well as his great skin, as his mom appeared to be without makeup as well.

It looks like Bromstad's face tattoos are fresh ink. He first flaunted the lightning bolt and heart in a 2020 Instagram post, showing off his bare face without a stitch of makeup. "I know u guys are feeling the effects of this damn pandemic right now and I just want to tell u something very important. I love u, I appreciate u and if u want some cake I have plenty. I made way to [sic] much, or just enough. Hang in there cuties! We can do this," he wrote. When Bromstad does wear makeup, he definitely keeps it low-key for HGTV but when he lets his makeup artist get creative, the real estate guru goes all out.

David Bromstad has fun with makeup at times

Lana Reiss has been David Bromstad's makeup artist for years and it's apparent that he trusts her with all types of looks. In 2016, he went from au naturel to full-out glam as Reiss transformed his face into something downright creative. "We have a special treat for you — we're going to do drag makeup today but it's not going to be full-on drag makeup like you know. Our inspiration today is a butterfly," the makeup artist shared on her YouTube channel. Bromstad chimed in that their look was inspired by "Ru Paul's Drag Race" contestant Kim Chi. "The best drag queen on the planet," he gushed. Reiss started by covering his eyebrows and then drew the butterfly wings around his eyes. She finished the look with three pairs of false lashes. "Should I go somewhere like this?" the HGTV star asked. "Yeah, you have to!" Reiss answered.

The same year, Bromstad showed off a spooky-looking face made up to look like a puppet. "Here's another Halloween makeup idea! Marionette wooden madness!" he shared on Facebook. "Awesome but creepy.....like those creepy clowns!" a fan replied. "That's definitely creepy, great job!" another applauded.