5 Times Barron Trump Channeled Donald & Had Heads Turning

Aside from how Barron Trump towers over his father, the resemblance between the former first son and Donald Trump has become uncanny. From the moment of his birth, Barron seemed destined to someday master the art of the deal. In a 2016 appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (via The Guardian), Donald confessed to using the alias Barron to make real estate deals. He was so pleased with one of them that he apparently decided to pass his fake name on to his son.

When Barron was two months old, Melania Trump told the Palm Beach Post, "The baby looks like Donald." She wasn't the only one who saw a little bit of the Donald in Barron while he was still in diapers. "He has his mother's disposition, his dad's mouth, and his grandfather's hairline," said the Trump family's butler, Tony Senecal. By the time Barron was 6 years old, his mother had noticed other similarities between him and his father. "He is independent and opinionated and knows exactly what he wants. ... His personality is why I call him little Donald," Melania told Parenting magazine in 2016. She added that Barron had inherited her husband's desire to build things. However, the kindergartener didn't need to convince anyone that Mexico would fund his projects — he had his own Legos that he could use to build walls.

As he's gotten older, Barron has channeled Donald in many other ways, from how he dresses to his deportment.

Baby Barron Trump was mesmerized by a microphone

Donald Trump loves to stand behind a microphone and bask in the cheers of his admirers. At one point, it appeared as though Barron Trump had also fallen under the spell of the voice-amplifying device that gives its wielder the power to be heard by those tremendous crowds that the "fake news media" keeps failing to see. When Donald got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2007, he held baby Barron in his arms while delivering his acceptance speech. Barron gripped the microphone in his tiny fist as his father told the crowd, "That's Barron. He's strong, he's smart, he's tough, he's vicious, he's violent — all of the ingredients you need to be an entrepreneur." Before Donald could hand Barron off to Melania Trump, he had to pry the tot's fingers from the microphone.

In a 2011 appearance on "The Joy Behar Show," Melania revealed that Barron had adopted his father's domineering attitude and was treating the Trumps' household staff like they were contestants on "The Apprentice" who were lacking that straight-out-of-central-casting quality. "He fired nannies, fired housekeepers. ... And it`s very cute, you know?" Melania told Joy Behar. But just like Omarosa Manigault Newman, Barron's involuntary playmates were given another opportunity to prove their value to him. "And then he hires them back, and one day he's like that; one day, that way," she said of her son's mercurial moods. "And it's very cute. Adorable."

Barron Trump shares his father's fondness for golf

Barron Trump's height has sports fans saying that he needs to stay far away from politics and get busy posterizing NBA players. But while speaking to supporters in Iowa, Donald Trump revealed that he couldn't persuade Barron to plant himself in the paint. As reported by the Daily Mail, Donald recalled telling his son, "You're gonna be a basketball player," to which Barron replied, "Well, I like soccer dad, actually." And how can Donald argue with his son wanting to be outside tearing up the turf when the only sport he plays is golf?

Barron seems to be fond of hitting the links, too. In 2014, Melania Trump shared a photo on Facebook of Barron and Donald sharing a rare father-son bonding moment on the green at the Trump International Golf Links in Scotland. Barron was clad in a white polo shirt similar to those his father usually wears while he plays. On his head, he wore a MAGA-red snapback.

In 2021, the Daily Mail published photos of Barron and Donald playing golf at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. Insiders also told Politico that one of Donald's favorite places to bond with Barron during his presidency was on the fairway of his golf courses. "I've seen Barron out there with him on a few occasions and he's a good athlete by his own right," said one source close to the Trumps.

Barron greets the public like a president's apprentice

Melania Trump kept Barron Trump out of the spotlight throughout much of his father's presidency, but he was front and center with his parents at Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017. After the event, outlets including AP fact-checked Donald's claim about having a packed house at his inauguration and found it to be fake news. The crowds along the parade route were also sparse, but there were still enough people there to make a tween who wasn't used to having that many eyes on him feel a bit uncomfortable.

However, if Barron was experiencing any nerves, it wasn't evident at all. He was photographed looking directly at the crowds, smiling, and doing a perfect imitation of his father's high wave. When Donald met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, body language expert Paul Boross told Sky News that the high wave is a "sign of confidence."

In 2024, one Trump family insider told People, "Barron is shy and reserved." However, Donald and his heir might be more alike than people think. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Melania's former chief-of-staff, Stephanie Grisham, recalled, "I saw Barron spend a lot of time with his father in the [White House] residence. I would see them joke around quite a bit." That being said, Grisham described Barron as "very kind and humble and empathetic and smart." Even Donald's most ardent supporters might have a hard time arguing that he possesses each of those traits.

He's mastered one of his father's favorite hand gestures

In March 2024, Barron Trump and his family celebrated Easter by having brunch at Mar-a-Lago. As he was walking outside the beach club with his mother and his grandfather, Viktor Knavs, Barron greeted onlookers by flashing one of his father's favorite hand gestures: a thumbs up. Barron can also be seen giving the camera a thumbs up while posing with a Mar-a-Lago guest in a photo that was shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Mother's Day in 2021. He's even sporting a grin that's a twin to his father's wide smile.

Speaking to The Standard, body language expert Judi James explained Donald's fondness for popping his thumb up thusly: "An erect thumb is a sign of male confidence. ... It's an alpha stance." After watching a video of Barron adopting his dad's famous mannerism, James told the Mirror, "Barron's identification with his father is strong here." She also observed that Barron rushed to position himself at his mother's side after exiting Mar-a-Lago behind her. "Barron seems to feel the need to virtually take his father's place and share the appearance," she added.

On X, Meidas Touch editor-in-chief Ron Filipkowski shared another video filmed at the Easter brunch. Barron was walking beside Donald as his father did his fist-shaking dance. This was one signature Donald move Barron seemed to have no interest in mimicking, as he appeared to grimace and step away from his parent.

Wearing suits and posing with minor celebs at Mar-a-Lago

As of this writing, Barron Trump hasn't copied one of his father's favorite fashion statements by covering his blond coif with a MAGA cap. However, in a possible sign of solidarity with his dad, he sported a tie that was the same baby-chick-yellow color as the hat Donald Trump wore for their family's 2024 Easter brunch.

In the few photos of Barron that have been snapped since his family left the White House, he's often wearing his father's preferred attire: a suit and tie. According to Melania Trump, her son became enamored with the businessman aesthetic at an early age. "He's not a sweatpants child. ... He likes to dress up in a tie sometimes like Daddy," she told ABC News in 2013. For Mother's Day in 2021, Barron wore a pink tie. In a 2005 appearance on "The Howard Stern Show," Donald said this used to be his favorite tie color.

While Barron's tie was Democratic blue rather than MAGA red in a 2024 photo snapped at Mar-a-Lago, fans couldn't get over how he had morphed into his father's not-so-mini-me. Andrew Tate acolyte Justin Waller tweeted the pic, which showed Barron posing with Waller, conservative podcaster Patrick Bet-David, MMA fighter Colby Covington, and teen Trump activist Bo Loudon. "Omg Barron Trump looks EXACTLY like his dad," tweeted one person. "Barron Trump does look extremely similar to Donald when he was younger," another X user wrote. "It's like the same person."