All The Cosmetic Procedures RHOM Star Larsa Pippen Admits Getting

Larsa Pippen denied outright that she'd gotten butt implants in the Season 4 reunion for "Real Housewives of Miami," but that's not to say she's never had anything done. On the contrary, she's been pretty forthcoming about all the procedures she's had over the years — and no, she has no regrets. 

Over the years, Larsa's appearance has been subject to a ton of commentary. However, she doesn't listen to the chatter. As she pointed out in a 2022 interview with Us Weekly, "I feel pretty good about ... where I am today, so, you know, I don't really, like, let it bother me." Larsa also mused that if her "RHOM" co-stars, or anyone for that matter, were upset with how she looked, it probably stemmed from something deeper going on in their own lives. "If you are in a good place, you're less likely to judge other people," she added. 

That said, there's no denying that the Larsa we saw in the early aughts, out and about with then-hubby Scottie Pippen, and the one hanging out with the Kardashians in the 2010s, looked dramatically different from the one we're seeing now. By way of explanation, she openly credits the change to a breast augmentation, nose job, and lip injections. However, that's not the only procedure she's admitted to. 

Larsa officially endorsed UltraShape

While much of the current conversation surrounding Larsa Pippen's changing appearance stems from when she returned to "The Real Housewives of Miami" in 2021, she's long been an open book about cosmetic procedures she's undergone over the years. Such was the case in 2015, when she became the official brand ambassador for UltraShape.

In May 2015, Pippen, dermatologists, and the chairman of the brand's manufacturer held a press conference to speak about UltraShape. Of her own experience, Pippen shared that the treatments had worked on areas she was unhappy with, no matter how dedicated she was to her exercise regimen and diet. She also said she loved that the non-invasive sessions took just 45 minutes — something she emphasized again during a brief "Good Morning America" insert not long after. "UltraShape is so painless, I literally played on my phone for 45 minutes and the treatment was over," she chuckled.

Pippen hasn't said anything further about UltraShape since then, and it's not clear if she's continued with the procedure over the years. Granted, speaking to Andy Cohen at the "RHOM" reunion, she famously denied undergoing surgery on her butt and pointed out that her curvier booty was thanks to her daily workouts, so perhaps she's continued using the treatments alongside her exercise regimen.

Larsa had a nose job

One of the changes we've seen in Larsa Pippen's appearance since she returned to "Real Housewives of Miami" has been her nose. Sure enough, when we saw her in the first season of the reality show she had a much slimmer nose with a slight upturn. Given just how different it looks today, it's not surprising Pippen 'fessed up to having a nose job in the Season 4 reunion.

That said, Pippen hasn't shared if she had more than one nose job, and according to surgeon and YouTuber Dr. Gary Motykie, there's a decent possibility she has. Motykie's take is that she'd had a rhinoplasty before becoming a public figure, as older pictures he'd seen of her included a hanging columella and a pinched tip. Another feature that he believed hinted at prior surgery was the "Inverted 'v' deformity, which means there's a separation of the bones." 

Motykie added that he wouldn't be shocked if filler had been used in some aspects of Pippen's present nose. However, he maintained that there had been surgery at some point prior to the more recent rhinoplasty. That's not to say we think Pippen would be bothered by Motykie's assessment, though. After all, speaking to Andy Cohen at the "RHOM" reunion, she simply shared that she'd had work done on her nose – not that she'd had just one tweak. 

Larsa's had her lips plumped and breasts augmented

Other than her nose, Larsa Pippen also revealed on the "Real Housewives of Miami" Season 4 reunion that she'd had work on her lips and a breast augmentation. Of the former, she didn't go into detail, so it's not clear if she opted for filler and left it at that or underwent procedures such as fat or tissue grafting, or implants. While her breasts are bigger today than they were at the start of her "RHOM" journey, they're definitely not out of place amongst her co-stars. 

Speaking of tweaks that aren't exactly unexpected amongst her colleagues, the other enhancement Pippen copped to in the "RHOM" reunion was a breast augmentation. Granted, it sounded a little like an afterthought to her, or old news. Again, Pippen didn't go into detail, but Bravo has said it was done before Season 3 of the show. It's not clear why that would have been her reference point, as she left "RHOM" after its first season, before returning in Season 4 — but as a general ballpark, the season aired in 2013.

So, there we have it. Pippen has undergone UltraShape, a nose job, breast augmentation, and lip plumping. However, something tells us she's not quite done. As she pointed out at the "RHOM" reunion, "I'm into trends, and I feel like whatever makes me feel good and look good, I'm willing to do." Her body, her business!