Why Barron Trump's Stunning Height Has Everyone Questioning Donald's

Donald Trump has made multiple comments about Barron Trump's height, and one family photo had people on the internet believing that Donald could be much shorter than previously reported. The former president's height has been scrutinized on several occasions. In 2016, Donald released a report from his doctor claiming he stood at 6 feet, 3 inches tall, but his driver's license from 2012 listed his height as a full inch shorter at 6 feet, 2 inches. Donald's height was once again the subject of debate when a photo of him standing next to Barron at the funeral of Melania Trump's mother, Amalija Knavs, was carefully examined.

Reporter and internet sleuth Jules Suzdaltsev hypothesized that Donald was much more than a few inches shorter than his youngest son. "Donald Trump is *exactly* 5'11," he wrote on X, formerly Twitter, in January. Suzdaltsev counted the pixels in the snap taken at Melania's mother's funeral and made a deduction based on Barron's height. "If Trump were 6'3, Barron would be a hair short of 7ft tall," he wrote in the viral tweet.

The post caused a flurry of responses on X that backed up the theory that Trump was not nearly as tall as purported. "I've seen Trump in person pretty close up and he looks closer to 5'10" in real life," one X user responded. "You notice that trump usually sees to it that Barron is not next to him. Easier to try to hide the height difference," another added. That was not the first time someone claimed Donald was envious of his son's height.

Donald Trump keeps mentioning Barron Trump's height

When Barron Trump was just hitting his growth spurt, one journalist claimed it was a point of contention between the teenager and Donald Trump. "He's jealous of everyone's height. He never lets himself be in a photograph with someone taller than he is," journalist Michael Wolff said while appearing on MSNBC in June 2019. "Height is his — is one of his techniques," Wolff added about the then-president. As Barron grew taller, however, Donald could not stop talking about his son's height.

Barron's public appearance turned heads in July 2021 when he was photographed walking in New York alongside Melania Trump. The snaps showed the then-15-year-old towering over his 5-foot-11-inch mother — who wore heels. A month earlier, Donald fawned over his son's impressive height while addressing a crowd in North Carolina. "Barron is 6-foot-7, can you believe it? And he's 15," the real estate mogul said, per the New York Post. "Eric [Trump] is short — he's only 6-foot-6," Donald jokingly said.

Donald has used any occasion to shoe-horn in the mention of Barron's height. After the death of Melania's mother, he spoke about the teenager's relationship with his grandmother while addressing a crowd in Des Moines. "Great parents, but also to Barron. Boy, did she take care of Barron. That's how he got so tall, he only ate her food," Donald said in January 2024 (via the Daily Mail). Barron's staggering height may be clear, but the true height of Donald has led to multiple viral moments that claimed he lied about his stature.

Donald Trump's arrest raised questions

Both Donald Trump's weight and height were a point of contention when he was arrested and briefly detained at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta in August 2023. Months earlier, when he was arraigned, Trump claimed to be 6-foot-2-inches and weigh 240 pounds, but that changed by the time he was arrested in Atlanta. By August that same year, Trump was listed a full inch taller at 6-foot-3-inches, and down weighing 215 pounds.

The discrepancies sparked a deluge of tweets mocking Trump. "He must have went on quite the diet since then! Impressive growth spurt as well!" the Meidas Touch X account wrote at the time. Many social media users were in disbelief. "There is ZERO chance Trump is 6'3" and 215 pounds," one tweeted. Others pointed out that Trump's updated vitals would put him in the same category as pro athletes. "Lamar Jackson and Donald Trump both list their stats as 6'3" 215lbs," a person tweeted while comparing Trump to the NFL quarterback. "Chris Hemsworth and Donald Trump are both (cough, cough) 6-3 and 215," another X user wrote while posting a side-by-side shot of the "Extraction" star shirtless and Trump in a tight-fitting golf shirt.

Trump was the object of similar online ridicule in January 2018 when he listed his weight and stats after that year's annual physical with his doctor. "Jay Cutler is 6'3" and 233. Donald Trump is 6'3" and 239. What a difference six pounds makes!" an X user tweeted at the time.