Meet Ice Spice's Star Athlete Younger Brother Joey Gaston

We often forget celebrities have siblings, unless they're a Kardashian or Hadid. But with Ice Spice dominating the music industry, people have become more interested in her personal life and who she grew up with. And while she may not be a Kardashian, the "Princess Diana" rapper has just as big of a family with five younger siblings, and we're looking into her athlete of a younger brother, Joey Gaston.

She may be famous, but Ice Spice has always been one to shout out her siblings on her way up in the music industry. In an Apple Music interview in 2023, she shared, "I'm very grateful that I have so many siblings. ... I feel like I learned a lot of things at home that apply to real life now." Her siblings have always looked up to her, and as Ice Spice has gained more fame, that still stands. But, fame hasn't changed the way they humble their big sis.

It doesn't matter that Ice Spice's celeb inner circle includes Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj or that she is reaching the top of the charts, because siblings will always bring you back to reality. In an interview with GQ, Gaston told the outlet that fame hasn't changed how he views the rapper. He said, "I don't look at her as Ice Spice. I look at her as Isis, my older sister." And while it can sometimes be hard to live in the shadow of a famous sibling, Gaston hasn't had a problem.

Joey is making a name in the football world

Joey Gaston may be in high school, but he's proving he's quite the catch in the football world. Gaston is the quarterback at Iona Prep in New Rochelle, New York, per GQ. The football player even signed with a sports management team in December 2023. Slice Management announced the news on social media, writing, "Introducing our latest signing, QB Joey Gaston, a dual-threat sensation hailing from Iona Prep H.S., class of 2025. With 2,186 passing yards, 739 rushing yards, and an impressive 70% completion rate, he's got superstar blood, being the younger brother of Ice Spice."

Although Gaston is paving his path with football, the fact that he's Ice Spice's brother still follows him. He revealed to GQ that opponents will use the fact that he's related to the "Barbie World" rapper to tease him on the field. He said, "Recently, we played a team and I looked up in the opposing student teammate next to me was like, 'You see what they wearing?' I look over there and saw nothing but orange wigs!" They were teasing Gaston with Ice Spice's iconic orange curls, but in the end, it backfired because his team won.

Gaston doesn't mind being associated with his famous sister because he's making his own path. He told GQ, "I don't mind, but everyone still knows me as Joey Gaston. At school and all of that, I made my own name. They know me as the quarterback."

Joey Gaston is venturing into modeling

The creative genes run in the Gaston family. Joey Gaston may not be rapping verses, but he has chosen to try out modeling. The football star's love for photography is what sparked his interest in the modeling field. "I always had a little passion for taking photos. I was on a bus ride to a football game, over here taking selfies and stuff like that, snapping people. That's just in me. It's in my blood," Gaston told GQ. The football star admitted that his teammates would say he was "trying a little too hard" posing, but Gaston says it's all natural because it's a passion of his. So, when Next Model Management showed interest in signing the football player to their list of clients — he jumped on the chance.

Gaston has a profile on Next Model Management's website, showing some of the work that he has done. Most of the photos tie to his other passion, football. His bio even reads, "Football keeps me motivated to be the best student I can be, the best teammate I can be, and the best person I can be." Although it seems that Gaston hasn't done any work for major outlets just yet, we wouldn't be surprised if, in a couple of years, he's in Vogue or Vanity Fair. And who knows, maybe some of these photos will be alongside his famous sister, Ice Spice.