The Shady Side Of TikToker Bryce Hall

The following article includes allegations of sexual assault.

Ever since the dawn of Vine in 2012, social media users have found a way to get rich in minutes — and sometimes even seconds. Whether they're lip-synching skits, tutorials, dance videos, DIY activities, or travel vlogs, influencers have built careers off of entertaining, short-form viral video clips. These days, Internet-savvy, attractive, and ever-so-entertaining millennials and Gen-Zers have made millions of dollars by becoming stars on TikTok.

Take Bryce Hall, for example, a self-made influencer who gained over 30,000 followers on Vine before the platform shut down in 2017. He eventually steamrolled over into TikTok, where his popular videos involved chasing trending challenges to 9-second dance clips. He has since amassed over 33 million followers combined across his Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok accounts, and currently lives in a fraternity-type Los Angeles mansion called Sway House where he collaborates with other TikTokers to help bolster their careers. 

Hall's frat-like attitude may have gotten to his head, however, as the Maryland native seems to have a bone to pick with just about everyone on and off the Internet. Not only does his shameless online presence get him in trouble, but he's also had several run-ins with the law. The celebrity boxer isn't afraid to duke it out in the court of public opinion, and previously told Men's Health, "I put out everything so that the toxic world of cancel culture can't cancel me, because I already say it myself." 

Bryce Hall was arrested for marijuana possession

Bryce Hall's bad boy reputation heated up in 2020 after the TikTok star was arrested on drug charges. According to Us Weekly, Hall and fellow Sway House member Jaden Hossler had a run-in with the law in May of that year after Texas police officers charged the men with possession of fewer than 2 ounces of marijuana. At the time, the two were documenting their road trip around the southern state. The social media stars were booked into jail and later released on bail the following day. 

Hall had some sobering thoughts after his short stint behind bars, and the influencer wrote an exclusive first-person narrative for People, reflecting on his behavior. "Sitting in that jail cell for a day, I had so much time to think," he shared. "I thought about how much I had let my mom down. As a single mom, she worked really hard to raise me and has always been my number one supporter through everything — including my screw-ups." Hall went on to compare himself to his absent father, who he says was arrested for abuse and failing to pay child support. "I had promised myself for the past 20 years that I would never be like him ... and there I was," Hall added.

The Maryland native vowed to entertain his fans without having to do so intoxicated. "While I will still drink occasionally, gone are the times of drinking heavily every day," he admitted. 

Did Hall make fun of Asian people?

TikToker Bryce Hall is no stranger to controversy. The Sway House member took to TikTok Live in the Summer of 2020, but it wasn't long before fans were calling him out for his questionable jokes. One fan screenshotted the star purposefully slanting his eyes back, which caused a firestorm online of fans who took the gesture to be a mockery of people of Asian descent. "I'm sorry I must have missed something about you becoming Asian all of a sudden??? @BryceHall" one user wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. Hall took to Instagram to clear the air, posting a since-removed video (per J-14), addressing the controversy. 

"People were saying that I was making fun of Asian people. First off, big shock by the way guys, I'm Asian," the influencer shared. "Yeah, I know. A lot of you probably didn't know that. Second, I wasn't making fun of Asian people. I literally am just like, 'What the s**t?'"

It isn't the only time Hall has come under fire for his posts online. The star previously faced scrutiny the same year for an LGBTQ-insensitive tweet when he wrote, "What is 'straight' TikTok and why does everyone hate it[?]" He went on to add, "We are on the cusp of ending homophobia and now we're introducing heterophobia? What the f**k is 2020," (via J-14). He later issued an apology over the ordeal, blaming his lack of education on the subject and promising to think before he speaks in the future. 

He had a public falling out with his manager

Bryce Hall caused quite a stir when he and his friend Mikey Barone raised some shocking claims about their then-manager Michael Weist. As per Refinery29, Hall and Barone alleged that Weist had touched them in a sexual manner as well as hacked into their Twitter accounts — and the falling out caught even more airtime when it was included in the Hulu documentary, "Jawline," which featured both TikTok stars. At the time, Hall created a separate Twitter account so he could continue communicating with his followers, and wrote a since-removed tweet addressing the contentious situation: "Managers who touch their clients in ways they do not want to be touched hide the truth by hacking their Twitter accounts," (per SuperFame).

Weist denied the allegations against him, however, claiming that they were "false and defamatory." He ultimately sued Hall and Barone over their statements and the parties settled out of court. Hall released an apology on X, writing, "I made some harsh statements about Michael and regret making those statements, including any suggestion of sexual assault. I am sorry for what happened and I am glad it's over."

Hall was charged for throwing house parties during the coronavirus pandemic

While most people were heeding stay-at-home orders and attempting to not catch COVID-19, Bryce Hall spent the pandemic a bit differently. The TikTok star was throwing parties at the famous Sway House that were so wild they even violated Los Angeles' safety codes at the time. In August of 2020, Hall and his fellow influencer friend Blake Grey were charged after violating the Safer L.A. Health Order and the City's Party House Ordinance not once, but twice (via NBC News). Hall and Grey faced misdemeanor charges at the time after the police issued a warning and citation over an event held at the TikTok mansion earlier that month, only to return again to the house on Hall's 21st birthday. 

Following Hall's birthday bash, Mayor Karen Bass even threatened to turn off water and power at his rented Hollywood Hills home should the parties continue. "Today I authorized the City to disconnect utility service at a house in the Hollywood Hills to stop the large parties held there in flagrant violation of our public health orders," Bass tweeted at the time. 

Hall addressed the controversy when the paparazzi caught him out in Los Angeles following the charges. "Was not expecting that many people to come, it happened, our power got shut off, I deserved it, and now I'm just facing the consequences," he shared (via Marcelo Campos).

His Los Angeles diner brawl made headlines

The year 2020 was a tumultuous one for Bryce Hall, to say the least. In October of that year, the TikTok star was seen out and about with the Sway Boys in Los Angeles and up to no good before the cops were called over a street brawl. As per TMZ, Hall was out with fellow TikTokers Jordan Rodriguez, Josh Richards, Nick Bean, and Jaden Hossler outside of Mel's Diner on Sunset when a fight broke out between the group and an unknown man. 

The incident reportedly started after Bean put a traffic cone under the car of the unknown man, leading to a heated argument that soon turned physical. Bean was allegedly punched in the face by the man, which led to Richards and Hossler hitting back at the guy in defense. In the video, Hall was seen attempting to break up the fight alongside Rodriguez. The TikTok star allegedly said, "We don't condone violence, but if you punch someone in front of us, we'll have no choice but to defend ourselves."

Police were called to the scene and talked to the man involved in the fight with the Sway Boys, but no charges were filed over the incident. At some point, the two parties seem to have made nice and are even seen shaking the man's hand, despite throwing punches just moments before.

Hall was kicked out of a restaurant for vaping

Bryce Hall got the boot at a Los Angeles restaurant — for vaping of all things. As reported by TMZ, the TikToker was enjoying some food with some members of the Sway House at a Mexican restaurant's outdoor seating area when a waiter told the men to stop vaping. As per Los Angeles legislation, it's illegal to use e-cigarettes in public places, but Hall and his friends didn't seem to bother. According to a source, Hall allegedly blew in the server's face when asked to stop using his vape. 

Just like their previous brawl incident, a heated argument led to a scuffle with members of the staff. When he and his posse were asked to leave the establishment, Hall ended up punching one of the employees, which led to his crew getting in on the beatdown. Hall told the outlet that he was respectful when asked to stop smoking, but it was his credit card that caused the controversy. As per his version of events, Hall says the restaurant's manager told him, "No, get the f*** off the property," when he asked for his card back over 10 times.

By the time police arrived at the scene, Sway House had already left. Sources say one employee claimed to have suffered a broken hand over the altercation and filed a report against Hall. 

He challenged fellow TikTok star Tayler Holder to a boxing match

Tayler Holder and Bryce Hall may have a lot in common in terms of their TikTok careers, but you won't find these two men collaborating anytime soon. Not only is Holder a former member of Hype House (Sway House's rival influencer group in Los Angeles) but he and Hall have come to blows in major ways on the Internet.

The feud between the two stars began in 2022, according to Distractify, after rumors allegedly started spreading about Holder sexually assaulting multiple women. Several influencers unfollowed Holder after the news broke, including Hall, leading many to believe that the two had beef. Holder reportedly sent out cease and desist letters to fellow TikTokers in the community, including Hall. Hall spoke out about the incident in a video shared to X at the time, saying, "He sent me a cease and desist, and I'll tell you right now, nobody's talking about you, bro. I have never personally went out of my way to talk s–t about Tayler behind his back. If anything, I would say it to his face."

The feud heated up further when Hall took to X claiming that the singer wanted to fight him. The TikTok star admitted he would be open to a boxing match only if Holder would "make a public statement to why you sent all your friends cease and desist letters" and "respond to the SA allegations." The boys never came to blows, however, as no official fight was ever reported to happen.

He was charged with battery

Bryce Hall must have a thing for brawls. The Sway House member made headlines yet again in January 2023 when yet another physical incident had him kicked out of an establishment.  

TMZ captured footage of the incident which happened outside of XS nightclub at the Wynn in Las Vegas, involving Hall and a member of the nightclub's security. The video shows the influencer delivering the first blow to a security guard's head after the two were engaged in what looked to be a heated argument. Police showed up at the scene and charged the TikTok star with misdemeanor charges which included two counts of battery and trespassing. 

While little is known as to why exactly Hall was kicked out of the club, sources told the outlet that the incident happened after Hall was invited up to the DJ booth while Calvin Harris was performing. As of the time of writing, the case is reportedly being sent to the District Attorney's office.

Hall says he slept with with Tana Mongeau for fame

Bryce Hall and fellow Internet personality Tana Mongeau seemed thick as thieves for years until they weren't. The two TikTokers often made appearances in each other's videos, and Mongeau even told paparazzi she was "Team Bryce" amid Hall's previous boxing match with Austin McBroom. 

Things got hairy between the two stars in April of 2023, when Hall made an appearance on the "Zach Sang Show." During the segment, the celebrity boxer admitted he had ulterior motives for getting close to Mongeau, admitting he slept with her for clout. "We were feeling each other, but I knew who she was obviously, and I was like an up-and-coming guy ... I did whatever was humanly possible to put myself in that scenario," Hall explained. When asked for his motive? "I was like, I want to do it [hook up with Tana] ...  to say I did it." Hall claims that Mongeau was in on the transactional partnership, saying, "She did the exact same thing ... because now she will say it." 

Mongeau didn't exactly take the candid comments too kindly, however, and she addressed them during an episode of her "Cancelled" podcast. "As someone who has also probably slept with someone so that I can say I did it, I would never come on a podcast and say that ... I would be afraid of how bad that would make me look," she shared (per Centennial). "I just can't. I really can't believe he said that. I think that's so insane ... I guess good for you for being so shameless." The shade...

Hall clapped back at Billie Eilish

Bryce Hall isn't afraid of starting a feud, even if it means clapping back at one of the music industry's biggest stars. The drama was sparked at the 2024 People's Choice Awards when Billie Eilish commented on the number of TikTok stars who were invited to attend the event. In a video posted by Pop Crave, the singer turns to a person sitting next to her with a surprised expression and seems to diss the influencers, saying, "There's some like ... TikTokers here." 

Who better to clap back at the "Happier Than Ever" singer than Hall, who isn't one to stand down from a fight. The influencer posted a TikTok video addressing Eilish's comments not long after. "I'm just going to address this clip of Billie Eilish being disgusted that TikTokers were at the People's Choice," he shared in the video, adding that he too had attended the award show. "First off, Billie Eilish, I am so sorry that I didn't acknowledge your greatness and bow down to you being another human being — I, here [*bows down*] there it is," he said, adding, "And second, People's Choice invited us. Personally." Hall then advised the singer to take it up with People's Choice, and not him and his fellow TikToker friends.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).