Inappropriate Outfits Brittany Mahomes Has Been Caught Wearing

Brittany Mahomes has turned the sidelines into a one-woman runway, and by repping her team with her style choices, she's won over many Kansas City Chiefs fans. But when she steps out of her comfort zone by rocking outfits that aren't inspired by her hubby's career lobbing balls into the end zone — that's when she's most at risk of winding up on worst-dressed lists.

You could argue that Brittany getting called out for her clothing choices is just "Karma." After all, she's not above doing a little fashion-shaming herself. When her husband — three-time Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes — showed up to a playoff photo shoot for the Chiefs' team captains, he was wearing white Crocs with his suit. Apparently, he somehow didn't make it to the shoot with the more appropriate footwear that his thoughtful wife had packed for him. "I definitely put shoes in there ... come onnnnn," Brittany wrote in response to a behind-the-scenes video on the Chiefs' Instagram account.

It seems doubtful that Brittany would ever forget one of her outfits when packing for game day. Ahead of Kansas City's 2023 Super Bowl victory, she revealed on Instagram that she bought her satin pants and crop-top set before she knew that the team would be competing for the title. She was also pregnant at the time and had no idea if it would fit. Dealing with a disappearing baby bump wasn't an issue for Super Bowl LVIII, but there were a few issues with her outfit choice — and it wasn't the only time.

Did she steal her mother-in-law's style?

Brittany Mahomes' personalized WAG wear has evolved so much since she stepped onto the sidelines in 2018 wearing flip flops, a yellow denim skirt, and a custom Patrick Mahomes jersey bearing the words "boo'd up." We expected Brittany to up her style game considerably for the 2024 Super Bowl, but instead, she rocked another all-red outfit — just like she did in 2023. Her red latex pants were also a bit of a yawn-fest, being similar to those that she wore to games in January 2024 and October 2023.

Then there was Brittany's red bustier. Some Redditors observed that it looked remarkably similar to one that Patrick's mother, Randi Mahomes, wore to a pre-Super Bowl party the Friday before the big game. However, Randi paired her top with jeans and a denim jacket, whereas Brittany was spotted wearing a fluffy fur coat over hers. We're certain Joan Rivers would have had so much to say about these two if she were still here to film a "B***h Stole My Look" segment for "Fashion Police." Brittany's haters on Reddit certainly had some scathing style notes for her, with one person deeming her proof of the adage, "Money does not buy class." There were also plenty of comments inspired by the Super Bowl's Vegas location. "She can't be serious with this. Does she have a performance to get to on the strip or is she going to a Super Bowl game," another critic chimed in.

Her over-the-top ESPYS look

The 2023 ESPYS were a big night for Patrick Mahomes, who took home awards in the categories for best NFL player and best athlete in men's sports. But while it was supposed to be his moment to shine, his wife's fashion fumble ensured that she would be the one occupying the most headline space after the event. There really needed to be a ref on the red carpet to call a flag on Brittany Mahomes' ostentatious ESPYS outfit designed by Versace. It featured a bra formed from pockets with gold buttons, and even the massive gold chain around her neck wasn't enough to distract from their unfortunate positioning. The curls piled on her head were giving DIY prom, and there was too much going on with her beauty look, from her glossy pout being over-lined with dark lip liner to her overly dramatic winged eye.

Even some of Brittany's fans were not fond of the look. "Worst outfit and she usually looks great. ... Don't know why she'd do that outfit. We KNOW she breastfed. Don't need attn drawn to nipples," one Instagrammer wrote in response to photos of the dress. "She's giving Russian Mob Wife vibes!" another person remarked. Others tried to offer Brittany some style advice without being cruel. However, ahead of the event, Patrick told E! News his wife's philosophy when it comes to dealing with criticism: "Enjoy your life every single day and not worry about what everyone thinks."

Brittany Mahomes' Met Gala look was too boring

If there's any occasion to step far out of your comfort zone and have fun with fashion, it's the Met Gala. But when Brittany Mahomes accompanied her husband to the event in 2023, her look was such a style snooze. The theme that year was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty, and the night's best-dressed celebs honored the late Chanel designer by rocking outfits featuring intricate embellishments, dramatic floral elements, and whimsical takes on the fashion house's iconic suit. Former WAG Gisele Bündchen is an example of an attendee who nailed the assignment in a white Chanel gown and massive feathered cape that brought to mind her Victoria's Secret angel wings.

Now, it is a bit unfair to compare Mahomes to Bündchen because she's not a seasoned supermodel who has spent decades making fashion connections. However, when she chose her own white dress, surely she could have found one with a more exciting design element than an off-the-shoulder neckline with silver sequin trim. Her Hugo Boss gown also featured a front slit to better display her silver platform heels. At least her footwear was a hit. "Dress looks like a kind of cheap prom dress. Cute shoes tho," read a critique from one of Mahomes' Instagram followers. "I love your shoes ... I wish you would have went bolder with your choice of gown though. With your body ... you totally could have pulled it off!" another person wrote.

Her Sin City style was too sexy for some

A few months before Brittany Mahomes showed off her glossy red Super Bowl LVIII look in Las Vegas, she rocked an even more divisive outfit while visiting the city with Patrick Mahomes. It consisted of a black bralette, high-waisted black underwear, and a sparkly mesh T-shirt dress that was totally sheer. She completed her racy ensemble with a pair of thigh-high boots. In one of the photos that she shared on Instagram, she was standing to the side to reveal that her undies featured a cheeky cut. She captioned her post, "When in Vegas."

Some of Brittany's followers suggested that her outfit seemed more appropriate for the pool than a night out on the town, as it resembled a bikini underneath a swimsuit cover-up. "When in Vegas, you wear your bathing suit and try to pretend like it's an outfit?" snarked one Instagrammer. "I usually love her style, but this isn't it," another commented. "She looks like a Vegas show girl." Then there were the mommy-shamers who shared the sentiment that Brittany's status as a parent made the revealing outfit inappropriate. "Good gosh you are a mother not a show girl!" added a third commenter.

Patrick did his wife no favors by making his own questionable fashion decisions. He was pictured wearing a white Louis Vuitton T-shirt and a pair of black shorts, which made it look like Brittany was either over-dressed or he was under-dressed for their outing.

She was accused of betraying Taylor Swift

Thanks to Patrick Mahomes' teammate Travis Kelce, Brittany Mahomes gained membership to Taylor Swift's girl squad. When Swift's relationship with Kelce got serious, it was inevitable that she and Brittany would meet, and soon, the two women were seated side-by-side at Kansas City Chiefs games. In November 2023, Swift made her first appearance on Brittany's Instagram page in a group photo. The singer had her arm draped around Brittany, making it seem as though the two women were the best of friends.

The very next post Brittany shared was a paid promotion for SKIMS sleepwear. She, Patrick, and their two kids were pictured rocking matching buffalo plaid PJs from Kim Kardashian's clothing brand. 

Now, you might recall that nasty feud between Swift and Kimye over Kanye West's song "Famous" — and that infamous snake tweet. In 2023, Swift spoke to Time about the fallout from Kardashian and Ye's vendetta against her. "My career was taken away from me. ... That took me down psychologically to a place I've never been before," she said. So, some of Brittany's fans saw her wearing SKIMS as a slap in the face to Swift. "This is a red flag," read one reaction to her ad. "Fake friend alert," another person warned Swift. But the collab didn't cost Brittany her famous friend. A few weeks later, Brittany posted a photo on Instagram of her and Swift rocking similar Chiefs gear. She gave it the caption, "Twinning & Winning."