What Flo From Progressive Looks Like With No Makeup

Chances are, while flipping through channels, you've encountered a Progressive commercial. You may not have even known it was a Progressive commercial until Flo appeared. With her signature teased bob, red lipstick, and iconic apron, Flo is instantly recognizable. You might not know the character is played by Stephanie Courtney, who rocks a more laid-back look than the celebrated insurance salesperson you see on TV.

While people may know Flo from Progressive, they may not be as familiar with Courtney. She landed the gig in 2007, with her first commercial with the company released in 2008. The actor revealed she even came up with the quirky, outgoing personality during the audition process. But besides her bold personality, Flo's claim to fame lies in her unmistakable appearance, a look that demands hours of meticulous effort to achieve perfection.

In 2009, Courtney revealed to People that transforming into her famous character is serious work, and it's all up to her stylists. She said about Flo's teased hair, "They don't use any tricks or anything. That's all [the stylist] teasing it and shaping it and spraying it. That's like one hour in her chair. And then the makeup is like another hour." The glam team at Progressive is always hard at work to bring Flo to life, but while she gets all glammed for work, Courtney has a more natural look to her in real life.

Flo from Progressive lives a double life without makeup

When Stephanie Courtney isn't in her usual Flo from Progressive ensemble, she's dressed down and wearing less makeup. In 2023, Courtney stepped out in Beverly Hills, California, and sported a more natural look. Hair tied back in a ponytail, casual clothes, and no warpaint, the actor was all smiles as she enjoyed a day out.

Courtney went completely bare-faced on her day out in town. Instead of slathering on the foundation to cover any blemish or pore, she let her natural skin glow. And to be honest, the 53-year-old still has great skin without any product. Not only that, but she opted out of Flo's usual red lip with a no-lipstick look but still rocked that signature smile. Still, even her smile looks a bit different from the usual Flo from Progressive. As Flo, her teeth are a touch whiter and a tad more straight, but in real life, they have a more natural look to them. Her laid-back outing also featured no eye makeup whatsoever. When she's dressed as Flo, it looks like she has false eyelashes applied and a heavy black eyeliner to match. Courtney's look, on the other hand, had no falsies on at all and no eye makeup in sight.

Courtney is frequently seen in public without makeup, relishing the anonymity that comes with her bare face and her typical attire reminiscent of Flo from Progressive. Whether she's dressed as Flo or simply as herself, she effortlessly pulls off both looks.

Stephanie Courtney will still wear makeup for public appearances

Stephanie Courtney will wear makeup while making public appearances, both as Flo from Progressive and as herself. When appearing as Flo, she sticks to her character and the look. In 2023, Courtney appeared in her usual Flo getup during the "Barbie" movie premiere in Los Angeles. The only thing that was different about Flo's look on this red carpet was that instead of a white apron, she had on a pink apron in honor of the hit film. Besides her appearances as Flo, she will also walk the red carpet and attend events as herself. When she does, she still wears makeup that's somewhat similar to her character.

In 2022, the New York native shared a video message with fellow Binghamton University alumni. The video showed the actor wearing makeup, not as Flo, but as herself. However, even as herself, Courtney's makeup look shares similarities to her television character — just a tad bit toned down. Instead of a teased bob hair look, Courtney's hair was straight down but still short in length. Her lipstick look was also similar to Flo's and seemed to be a mixture of pink and red color but not as bright as her character's lipstick. The only difference when it came to her own makeup was the eyes. Instead of a harsh eyeliner and falsies, Courtney swapped it out with a brown and black smokey eye. While it may not be as glammed up as Flo from Progressive, Courtney appears to enjoy being herself and wearing her own at these events.