A Look At Sami Sheen's Plastic Surgery Transformation

With a little nip and tuck, some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities have transformed into entirely new people thanks to plastic surgery. Getting work done is nothing new amongst A-list celebrities, and while sometimes it can go terribly wrong, other times, the work turns out better than many might've expected. The latest celeb to join the list of plastic surgery transformations is none other than Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' eldest daughter, Sami Sheen.

Back in June 2022, Sami revealed that she was pursuing a career on the platform OnlyFans, per Us Weekly. OnlyFans is a subscription-based service where users can pay content creators to showcase explicit content. Nearly a year after she joined OnlyFans, Sami revealed that she was waiting to get breast augmentation to show more of her body, per Entertainment Tonight. "I still show pretty much everything. I just want to wait until the girls [her breasts] are done, so I'm fully confident in everything I'm showing, but I still show a lot on there," she explained.

Sami expressed her insecurity over the size of her breasts, but was excited about what they would look like after the procedure. She said, "I think I'm also just excited for the anticipation because, like, the big reveal. Like, 'Oh yay, you can finally see everything. And look, they're really big and nice and squishy.' I just want to wait." Well, Sami has finally gotten the procedure done and showcased the transformation on social media.

Sami Sheen shares first post after procedure

After revealing she was going under the knife for breast augmentation, Sami Sheen teased the procedure to her followers. Per Page Six, the day Sheen underwent surgery, she posted a photo of her in a hospital gown to Snapchat with the caption, "guess who got a new rack todayyyy." At first the teen hid the drastic transformation, but now she's willing to share the work she had done with the world.

In an Instagram post shared on December 6, Sheen posted the first photos since getting her breasts enlarged. The carousel of photos showed Sheen in a market with low-rise jeans and a white tank top with a camo jacket. Sheen didn't show anything explicit, but her figure was clearly different from how it used to be. She captioned the post, "date night @sisigizz." The OnlyFans creator followed up those pics with another set of images from that same night, though this time, they were up-close shots.

Although she looked happy and healthy in the photos it didn't come easy. Sheen had documented her recovery on social media and explained how painful it was, per Page Six. She said, "This is so uncomfy holy hell feels like the implants r in my armpits." But it looks like the hard times are behind her, and now she's enjoying the confidence the breast augmentation has given her.

Sami Sheen wanted to get her breasts enlarged for a long time

Although her career with OnlyFans might have encouraged her to get breast surgery, Sami Sheen has been wanting to get the procedure done for a while. During a joint interview with Bustle, Sheen shared, "I was 10 years old and like, 'I can't wait to have big boobs like my mom. All my friends were getting boobs, and I was just like, 'OK, when's it my turn?' I would always stuff my bra with socks and stuff." Sheen seemed to look up to her mother, Denise Richards, who also had her breasts enlarged.

But even though "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star had undergone the same surgery at the same age as her daughter, she was trying to keep Sheen from going under the knife, per Bustle. Richards said, "I'm trying to talk her out of it because, and the reason why I'm getting them out, is I didn't know how toxic [they are] when I was 19. And it's not an easy surgery. It's painful!" She wasn't lying; as we know, Sheen complained about the recovery process on her social media, per Page Six. And it wasn't just her breasts that hurt, but other parts of her body, as well. She shared on Snapchat, "& the neck and back pain is horrible from sleeping up straight." But clearly, the pain was worth it to Sheen as she flaunts her new plastic surgery to the world.