Here's Who Donald Trump's Richest Child Is

Donald Trump and his family have a HUGE fortune — but one of his kids is definitely wealthier than the rest. 

The Trump family's immense wealth dates back decades, beginning with Donald's father, Fred Trump. According to the BBC, Fred built a multi-million dollar real estate company, although he did face some legal trouble in later years. Still, Fred built a successful business and passed it down to his son, the former president. Donald has not been shy about sharing how wealthy he is. On multiple stops during his presidential campaign, the businessman expressed how he is "really rich," per CNN. While many may disagree with Trump's political policies, there's no denying he knows how to build a business. He took his father's real estate business and turned it into an empire, making the Trump name a big selling point and brand. According to Forbes, as of September 2023, Trump is worth an estimated $2.6 billion!

Seeing how successful Donald has been in business, it's not surprising that wealth and fortune have also been passed down to his kids. Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, and even Barron Trump are worth some big bucks thanks to the family business and other ventures. And while it's no competition, one of Donald's kids is wealthier than the others (and you've probably already guessed who it is).

Ivanka Trump is the richest of Donald Trump's kids

When it comes to former President Donald Trump's richest kid, Ivanka Trump blows her siblings out of the water. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Ivanka is worth $800 million. The net worth is combined with her husband, Jared Kushner, a real estate mogul. Kushner's involvement in Ivanka's net worth has definitely helped put her on top when it comes to being compared to her siblings' net worths. Her older brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump, come in a not-so-close second with a tied net worth of $350 million. While Kushner's businesses help put Ivanka on top, the political figure has also worked hard to earn the big bucks.

According to Yahoo, Ivanka started a successful jewelry line in 2007, which later grew to include clothing and more accessories. The business did well and brought in about $100 million per year, but despite its success, Ivanka closed all operations in 2018 after backlash following her dad's presidential run. Ivanka's fortune doesn't stop at her retail line, though. She also held a position within the Trump Organization before helping her father in the White House. It's unclear how much she was making, but seeing as her father was the head of the company, she was probably getting paid a good amount. Ivanka also earns around $5 million a year from trusts. 

But that's not all. In 2020, a report revealed Donald paid Ivanka $700,000 in consulting fees.

How Ivanka Trump spends her millions

Ivanka Trump makes big bucks and isn't afraid of spending her millions. In 2020, she and husband Jared Kushner forked over $30 million for a plot of land in Miami, per Page Six. The area where the couple purchased the land is called "Billionaire's Bunker" and houses some of the wealthiest celebrities and business people from all over the world. Knowing Ivanka's net worth is $800 million, she seems to fit perfectly with her wealthy neighbors.

Even Ivanka's clothing has a hefty price tag. When appearing in court for Donald Trump's fraud case, Ivanka sported a nearly $4,000 outfit, per the Mirror. Her Jimmy Choo shoes alone cost almost $800 and her Chanel purse, well...  that cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000. But this isn't the first time she has worn expensive clothing. In 2020, when attending a debate, the political figure wore a blazer worth more than $3,000, per the Daily Mail.

Besides her clothes, Ivanka also likes to spend a pretty penny on cars. The majority of the eldest Trump daughter's four-vehicle collection is made up of family cars that include a GMC Yukon, worth anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000, per Style. But her most expensive car has to be a Mercedes 220 SE Ponton worth more than $250,000. From homes, to clothes, and to cars, it's clear that Ivanka likes to drop some cash.