Below Deck: The Wild Rumors About Kate Chastain's Son's Real Father

"Below Deck" alum Kate Chastain shocked fans when she revealed she was pregnant in a December 2022 Instagram post. "I'm already planning so many birthday theme parties for you," she captioned while showing off her growing belly. The same day, she appeared on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" and displayed her baby bump in a form-fitting dress. "Should we announce that I'm the father now?" Cohen joked. "This happened between us at BravoCon. It was a sloppy night after the Legends Ball," he added.

Before anyone believes Cohen, Chastain shared a pic of herself before her bump was even noticeable and wrote, "This was at 11 weeks pregnant (right before BravoCon!) before anyone knew but my boobs were amazing so [I'm] posting now." A fan replied, "But who's the daddy?" Chastain has remained quiet thus far about who the father of her baby is, and it looks like she isn't going to spill deets anytime soon, but "Below Deck" fans have their own theories.

Below Deck fans think Ben Robinson is the father of Kate Chastain's baby

Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson's relationship had its fair share of ups and downs while appearing on "Below Deck" together. Fans know that chefs are notoriously hot-headed, but combined with Chastain's sharp tongue, often led to many tense moments in the galley. Still, the two reality stars remained friends over the years, and Chastain even revealed that they had hooked up in between seasons during an appearance on "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" (via Us Weekly).

Chastain and Robinson fueled speculation that he was the father when they posed together in April. "Who knew that Kate Chastain and I would be the same weight one day... But to be fair I have been hitting the gym! Please wish my great friend @kate_chastain an easy delivery and a healthy beautiful baby! I am so proud of who you have become and the mother you will soon be," the chef wrote while comparing his flat stomach to Chastain's bigger one. When the former yachtie revealed her first baby pic of baby Sullivan Cay on Instagram, fans couldn't help noticing he looked like Robinson. "There is no test result in this world that could convince me that isn't Ben's child," someone commented. "Why does he look like chef Ben?!?!" another asked. Chastain must have known the rumor mill would keep going if she didn't address it, and she finally tried shutting it down in her own cheeky way.

Kate Chastain keeps fending off rumors that her baby's dad is Ben Robinson

Perhaps Sullivan Cay does bear some resemblance to Ben Robinson, but Kate Chastain is letting 'Below Deck' fans know that he is not her baby daddy. "For the record, the only thing this handsome guy has in common with any chef is the tendency to get emotional around meal times," she tweeted while sharing a picture of the sleeping baby. That didn't stop a Twitter user from replying, "He's a good looking guy and does have sort of a Ben look? No?" Another agreed, "He definitely looks like Ben!!!"

In an attempt to put an end to the rumors, Chastain took to Twitter to share a side-by-side photo of Sullivan and Robinson as a baby. "It would be great if people would stop commenting and messaging me "baby Ben!".......every single day. For reference this is Ben as a baby on the left next to Sullivan. Clearly not related," wrote. Her post only fueled more jokes. "So I guess calling him Sulliben is out of the question now," a fan quipped. Proving that Chastain still has her sense of humor intact, she replied, "That's actually hilarious." While we may never know who Sullivan's father is, the former 'Below Deck' chief stew is clearly doing just fine being both mom and dad to her son.