Hunter Biden And His Wife Melissa Cohen Live Extremely Lavish Lives

Hunter Biden — the son of President Joe Biden — and his wife, Melissa Cohen, seem to be enjoying the finer things in life. That said, Hunter is no stranger to tragedy. At just two years old, he lost his mother and sister in a car accident. Decades later, his older brother, Beau, succumbed to brain cancer in 2015. And it hasn't just been the loss of his loved ones that he has struggled with. From drug addiction and grappling with infidelity, Hunter's life has been marked by substantial challenges.

In 2019, Hunter got a break from the constant struggles he faced. He married his second wife, Melissa Cohen, and welcomed a son a year later. Still, Hunter has since been the subject of many political scandals. The businessman has pleaded guilty to "tax-related misdemeanors," he was accused of lying on his application to purchase a firearm, while his most recent controversy centers around allegations of corrupt business dealings involving both his father and himself, as reported by ABC.

Hunter's net worth has also been the subject of controversy. A report by Newsweek addressed claims that the president's son had amassed a $230 million fortune, while other outlets have suggested his worth is anywhere from $1 million to $20 million. Regardless of the size of his actual fortune, Hunter and his wife are living in the lap of luxury.

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen have extravagant Malibu homes

"Malibu" by Miley Cyrus could be an anthem for Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen's lifestyle. The Delaware native has made the switch from East Coast living over to the glitzy West Coast. As TMZ reports, in 2021, Hunter began renting out a home in Malibu. However, not just any home,  but one worth $3.34 million! The four-bedroom and 2.5-bathroom household has 3,000 square footage of living space and is perched near the beach. If you're wondering what the rent on a home like that is, well, it's jaw-dropping $20,000 per month. This hasn't been the only home the businessman has rented in the beachside neighborhood.

According to the Daily Mail, Biden and Cohen have moved four times in four years, all in Malibu. His latest home is a bit smaller than the one that he was renting in 2021 but still holds a hefty price. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and 2500 square footage, the home is worth $4 million. But Hunter isn't a Malibu homeowner; he rents the place for nearly $16,000 per month. Some perks of the businessman's new place include the hilltop view of the Pacific Ocean, a fabulous kitchen, and a guest studio perfect for the secret service. Clearly, Hunter is all about a beachside property and one with a big price tag at that.

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen live a pricey life

We've heard a lot about Hunter Biden dropping some cash, but his wife, Melissa Cohen, is no different. Even if it is a casual stop at Starbucks, Cohen knows how to rack up a bill. A normal trip to Starbucks might be five to ten bucks for many, but according to Daily Mail, Cohen spent nearly $300 when she stopped at the coffee shop in 2021. It's unclear what caused the bill to get to such a large sum, but she walked out with a handful of iced coffees ready to take on the day.

And it's not just a casual coffee run that demonstrates the couple's indulgent lifestyle. While Hunter has found himself at the center of some highly publicized scandals, he managed to escape the stress and unwind during a vacation to Lake Tahoe in August 2023, per the New York Post. Hunter and Cohen were joined by their extended family, including President Joe Biden, at a lavish $18 million mansion owned by billionaire climate investor Tom Steyer. Apparently, the Biden's rented the place out, and with the mansion being worth so much, we can only imagine this vacation had a big bill. So, whether it's a casual Tuesday run to Starbucks or a planned vacation, Hunter and his wife are going to make sure they drop some cash and have an extravagant life.