Red Flags In Novak And Jelena Djokovic's Marriage

Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic Djokovic are couple goals. The Serbian tennis star, who has won a total of 24 grand slam singles titles, and his wife have known each other since the 1990s before they officially started dating in the early aughts. Jelena often takes to social media not only to brag about her husband's tennis domination but to share her genuine admiration for him. On his birthday in 2021, she posted an Instagram tribute to Novak, writing, "The most special boy was born on this day. What a gamechanger he is for so many young and old around the world. He didn't have anything easy, and he still doesn't. All privileges he earned. And he keeps growing, keeps striving for that upgrade of his body, mind and spirit. I love that about him. I love to tell his story. .. I am grateful that I live it next to him..."

Novak and Jelena share two children, Stefan and Tara, they give back to the community with the Novak Foundation, and still find time to explore exotic places together. However, there may be small indicators showing sometimes things aren't what they seem. While not a red flag, one pink pennant was that Novak postponed their wedding date for the Wimbledon final. While his decision was certainly justified in that the match was a once-in-a-lifetime event, one could also argue that a marriage holds a similar status. A few years later, their wedding anniversary would again spark furious rumors.

Jelena missed Novak Djokovic's 2019 Wimbledon victory

It's not unusual for Jelena and Novak Djokovic to celebrate their milestones on social media. However, in 2019, neither party acknowledged their wedding anniversary, which in itself is not a big thing. The previous year, however, Jelena had shared an image of them cutting a cake, penning, "Love loving you my love," and had included the hashtag "happy anniversary." But the lack of recognition for their special day came amid rumors that Novak had been stepping out on his wife. To make matters worse, Jelena and their children had not attended any of his Wimbledon matches that year. The mother of two didn't show her face when he took the title, nor did she make an appearance at the Wimbledon Champions Ball. 

An insider told the New York Post, "Jelena has always been Novak's rock but there is speculation that they could be having problems. To not attend a single Wimbledon match is quite a statement for someone usually so quick to share her pride in his success and how strong they are together." In an interview after his Wimbledon victory, Novak shared that his son, Stefan, and his parents had attended the match while his wife and daughter were at home in London. He turned to the camera and then addressed Jelena and Tara, saying (via Express), " I love you and I'll see you soon." Of course, he couldn't resist adding, "Back to being dad I guess as well."

Jelena Djokovic addresses Novak's 'love affair'

Tennis great Novak Djokovic and his wife have been plagued by rumors of affairs. The athlete, who has been dubbed the greatest of all time in his sport, has been linked to numerous women including Serbian singer Natasa Bekvalac, Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone, and chef Lauren Von Der Pool. One woman has even claimed that she and Djokovic have an emotional connection.

Lidija Popovic and Djokovic used to date when they were much younger, but both moved on after they split up. Popovic, who has made music her career as an international DJ, spoke to the Daily Mail about the bond that she and Djokovic used to share. She stated, "He was my big love. We were very young, just teenagers." Popovic also defended the athlete's marriage, saying, "As far as I know he is happily married. It doesn't matter what other people say. He is married, people should not talk about him." 

Jelena Djokovic jokingly addressed the rumors in an Instagram post in February. "Celebrating Novak's tennis LOVE AFFAIR that has been going on for quite some time.... And everyone knows about it (and wife doesn't mind at all lol)... NOVAK IS THE BEST TENNIS PLAYER FOR THE LONGEST TIME IN THE HISTORY OF TENNIS." Jelena was, of course, referring to Novak's relationship with the sport that he has been dominating for decades. What a clever way of dealing with those pesky rumors.

Model reveals plot to frame Djokovic

Then there were those who tried to frame Novak Djokovic, only for their plot to fall through. According to Natalija Scekic, a man asked her to lead Djokovic astray but she refused the offer. Scekic claimed that the man had approached her for business but it soon became clear that he had ulterior motives. She told Svet & Scandal magazine (via The UK Sun), "I thought it was a hidden camera when he told me that I had to seduce Novak and film it, but not to worry about that because he was already taking care of that.  He told me I could get about 60,000 euros for that and a trip wherever I wanted ... They were really preparing a hell of a plan. I was told to take Novak somewhere to an intimate place and film it all." However, Scekic took her chances and went to the media instead.

As for Djokovic, he often shares his love for his wife Jelena on social media. If anyone was wondering if Jelena Djokovic has a strong arm, her husband confirmed the fact. He captioned the image, "Oh boy, did I tell you her biggest secret? She can hit, too. Sorry, she is already booked as my mixed doubles partner (for life 😛)." Hint, don't mess with Jelena.

Jelena schools Novak Djokovic on manners

Jelena Djokovic supports her husband's tennis career. However, her actions aren't always appreciated as much as she would like them to be. In 2017, Novak Djokovic was broadcasting a Facebook Live session where he was training for a competition. Jelena was helping him out by filming her husband on the court. At the end of the broadcast, he thanks his fans and moves closer to Jelena. They both do not realize that the camera is still rolling. He told her (via the Daily Mail), "No, I like to get near the camera so it makes it feel more intimate, more friendly." 

Like many married couples, they had a mini-spat with Jelena schooling her husband on his lack of etiquette. She asked him in her native tongue, "Where are your manners, huh? 'Thank you, love, thank you.' Isn't that the correct way to say it?" Suddenly, Jelena looked down and realized that she was still being filmed and quickly turned the camera off. While their bickering was typical for those who are in long-term relationships, it also showed that they are also vulnerable to the everyday friction of normal life.  

In November 2022, Jelena showed that she still supported Novak's career. She wrote, "ALL IN. Love how he said at the post match interview that 'at this point of his career' every match is golden ... But honey ... – what stage of your career? 🤣 you ain't going nowhere as long as I'm #NoleFam."

Tennis stardom takes its toll on Djokovic's married life

Novak Djokovic is a legendary international athlete, and his fame sometimes comes at a heavy price. After winning the Australian Open in January, the tennis star admitted that it was difficult for him to be away from his wife and family when competing. Jelena, Stefan, and Tara Djokovic had elected to watch the matches from the comfort of their home. In a press conference, he said (via Yahoo! Sport), "Being absent from the children is not something that makes me very happy. It's a balancing act between me and my wife and the close people in my life. So her being there for our children and everything, it allows me to be able to do what I love and still make some strides, significant strides, in this sport." Yet, the burden on Jelena is not an easy one.

 In 2021, Jelena was watching Novak while wearing a T-shirt with a wolf. In an interview, he explained the symbolism behind the animal and what it said about his wife. He shared (via Twitter), "She runs with the wolf [Novak]. It can be very stressful to run with the wolf. I know she doesn't enjoy it at all times, it's kind of living on the edge with the wolf. But I love her and she's my great support." 

While there are many red flags in Jelena and Novak's relationship, there is also every reason that their marriage is as solid as they come.