J.Lo Eagerly Shows Rare Glimpse Of Ben Affleck Happy In Couple's Singing Video

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first dated in the early 2000s. They fell in love and got engaged, but broke things off before making it down the aisle, according to Us Weekly. Over the years, the pair stayed friends and eventually reconnected romantically in 2021, showing everyone that love wins (even if Affleck looks miserable at times). Although Lopez doesn't post about Affleck too frequently, she made sure to shout him out on his birthday.

On August 15, J.Lo decided to give her fans a front row seat to a candid moment between her and her hubby. In a video shared on her Instagram feed, Lopez filmed from the passenger seat of a car as her husband sat behind the wheel and focused on the road ahead. Both dressed casually — Lopez in a white tank top and Affleck in a plain T-shirt — the two sang the song "(What A) Wonderful World" by Sam Cooke. Lopez started recording just before the chorus, as Affleck was really getting into it. "Don't know much about the French I took. But I do know that I love you. And I know that if you love me too. What a wonderful world this would be," he sang, though Lopez appeared to mute the video and play the song as an overlay so fans can't actually hear the "Argo" actor's voice. Lopez joined in on the second line, and smiled as she captured the sweet moment with her hubby. She also penned a loving tribute to him in the caption.

Jennifer Lopez's birthday message to Ben Affleck has a callback to 2002

Jennifer Lopez had a pretty cheesy smile on her face as she filmed Ben Affleck singing the oldies hit. The video seemed like the perfect way to honor Affleck, because it showed a softer side of him and offered a glimpse into the life that the two share when no one is watching. Lopez's post comes three months after sites like The Cut picked up stories on rumors that Affleck is super unhappy, thanks to his moody faces, and, of course, that one video of him looking miffed as he slammed a car door shut, which ended up going viral.

However, in Lopez's post, Affleck looks cool, calm, and collected, as he enjoys a drive with his wife. "Dear Ben ... Happy Birthday. I love you," the "Marry Me" star captioned the post. Of course, "Dear Ben" is a nod to Lopez's 2002 track that she wrote about her now-husband. You know, the one in which Lopez says that Affleck is "perfect" and calls him her "king." Anyway, fans loved every minute of J.Lo's post. "You two are the reason why I believe in true love," one Instagram user commented. "This is too cute. You glow when you're with him. Happy birthday Ben," another Instagram comment read. No word on how Affleck feels about his wife sharing the video with her 250 million Instagram followers, but we can totally picture the face he's making right about now.