Actors Everyone Loves Working With

It's no secret that certain actors have earned bad reputations for being difficult to work with in film and television. Whether it's refusing to shoot scenes together, treating their fellow cast members like trash, or simply taking things too far, the actions of some stars have caused the profession to take a nasty hit. Of course, not all actors are entitled, eccentric jerks. In the age of social media, horror stories and bad press about infamous on-set behavior have thankfully become a rarity — because, well, it's not easy to land roles if everyone hates working with you.

Behind all the glitz and glam of Hollywood, actors are people just like anyone else. Those who are lucky enough to live out their dreams on screen have more often than not remained grounded amid their success. And among these actors are a handful of our favorite stars who really are just as great as we all hoped for them to be in real life. From Tom Hanks to Robert Downey Jr, here are actors everyone loves working with.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons is best known for portraying Sheldon Cooper on the mega-hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The role transformed the once-unknown talent into an Emmy Award-winning star, the highest-paid actor on TV, and one of the most well-liked, respected, and sought-after actors in the entertainment industry — but it's really no wonder why. Showrunner Chuck Lorre once called Parsons a "comic genius," while actress Mayim Bialik, who plays the actor's on-screen love interest Amy Farrah Fowler, told Parade, "He's fantastic. He's very professional. He gives a lot of room for trying new things."

Director Ryan Murphy, who first worked with Parsons on HBO's film adaptation of The Normal Heart in 2014, has also spoken highly of the actor, referring to him as "America's f**king sweetheart" while presenting him with GLAAD's Stephen F. Kolzak Award in 2018. "He's what you expect, what you want him to be. He's such a gentleman, so creative," the Pose creator previously told Variety, adding, "Jim as a person, an artist, and an actor has a really rare gift. He has a real purity and simplicity. ...There's never a false note with Jim."

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks has long been known as one of the nicest, classiest acts in Hollywood. With his undeniable talent, charisma, and range, the veteran actor is not only well-liked in the industry but he's remained an unstoppable force on and off the big screen for over three decades. Having starred in some of the greatest films of the 20th and 21st centuries, including Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and Saving Private Ryan, his sets are said to be among the happiest in show biz. 

According to Emma Watson, who worked alongside Hanks in 2017's The Circle, the Oscar-winner totally meets the hype. "I'm like, 'There's no way this guy is going to live up to his reputation,' right?" she told E! News at the film's premiere. Fortunately, she added, "He's so generous and funny and easy-going and he's all the things you would want him to be. So I'm very happy to be able to report that to you sincerely because it would have broken my heart, I think, if Tom wasn't Tom." She went on, "He's like a hero, you know?"

We guess sometimes it does pay to meet your heroes.

Hugh Jackman

If there's one actor who might give Tom Hanks a run for his money as the nicest guy in Hollywood, it's Hugh Jackman. The triple-threat is as at home playing Wolverine in the action-packed X-Men films as he his singing and dancing his way through The Greatest Showman. And you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who's said anything remotely negative about the guy — trust us, we looked.

The actor is known to downplay this reputation, telling in 2015 that being down to earth, nice, and respectful simply "feels normal" to him. However, his longtime collaborators have often talked about his generosity, kindness, and work ethic during the creative process as if it were an anomaly in show business. "He is sweet-natured, lovely, and funny every day," Jackman's longtime X-Men co-star and stage icon Sir Patrick Stewart, said at the Emerald City Comic-Con in 2013 (via CBR). Meanwhile, Eddie Redmayne, who acted alongside Jackman in Les Misérables a year prior, told Flaunt that he's "incredibly talented, ridiculously hardworking, and unbelievably generous."

Diego Luna

While Diego Luna is one of Mexico's most famous and adored actors, he's probably best known for his portrayal of Cassian Andor in the 2016 Star Wars film Rogue One. Throughout his decades-long career, the actor-director has become as synonymous with his political activist work in his native country as his on-screen endeavors, while cultivating a golden reputation for his unique artistic vision, naturalness, compassion, and sweet, easy-going personality. 

"Diego brings an authenticity...because he is a very complex and intelligent actor, and he raises all the right questions," Niels Arden Oplev, who directed Luna in 2017's Flatliners, told United's Rhapsody magazine, adding that "he has that sort of aura" of a leading man. Meanwhile, Rogue One director Gareth Edwards once explained that what ultimately sets him apart from the cliché leading man is his "high score for likability — you just want to be his mate."

However, no one's sung Luna's praises higher than his childhood best friend and fellow actor Gael García Bernal. "He's still the same person now that I knew then," the Mozart in the Jungle star told The Independent in 2009. "Diego has always had this beautiful energy about him. Even as a child he was such an intelligent and loving person." 

David Tennant

David Tennant instantly became one of Britain's most beloved actors when he debuted his iconic turn as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who in the mid-2000s. Known for his affability, humble nature, work ethic, and penchant for being game for just about anything, the fan-favorite Scotsman has three pieces of advice when it comes to pursuing acting: "turn up on time, learn your lines, and be nice." They may be simple, but they've certainly served him well, earning him a glowing reputation in the industry.

When the Jessica Jones star was surprised with the Special Recognition Award at the 2015 National Television Awards, several of his friends and collaborators essentially gushed over him in a moving tribute video. Former Doctor Who co-star Billie Piper called him a "special actor and a decent human being." Meanwhile, Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman said that Tennant had a "complete lack of ego," describing him as a "joy" to be with on set. "He doesn't try and force anything, he is just completely believable. And you want to believe him as well," she added. "He is an utterly, utterly good human being. You'd love him." 

We believe it!

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson may have established himself as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time as The Rock in the '90s, but the semi-retired WWE star has since been ranked among the world's highest-paid actors. Having starred in several movies like the Fast & Furious franchise, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Moana, he's become well-known for being hardworking, talented, gracious, and undeniably cool — in other words, a dream to work with on set. 

"He's grinding every day," Johnson's longtime stand-in Alvin Streeter told CNBC in 2017. "There's an intensity when you're working around him." Meanwhile, Baywatch co-star Zac Efron told Entertainment Weekly, "He's always expanding, and he just gets better as he goes, like a flower that never stops blooming." According to the actor himself, he's improved his acting chops by applying the same discipline from wrestling to acting, telling Esquire in 2015 that this meant he's needed to "surround [himself] with great acting coaches" and "get a good director." He added, "I need great actors around me to help me raise my game; I don't know what the f**k I'm doing." 

Here's hoping that at this point in his career in Hollywood, Johnson's giving himself a bit more credit.

Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer rose to fame as Glee's fashionable soprano Kurt Hummel in 2009. While breaking new ground in LGBTQ+ representation on television, the multi-hyphenate's sheer talent, professional attitude, and unique qualities as an actor immediately made him one of the show's most adored and respected breakout stars.

"Chris Colfer is such a talented actor," Mike O'Malley, who played the actor-writer's dad on the hit musical comedy series, told Vuture in 2011, adding, "He's a gifted performer who's thoroughly prepared always." When the Emmy-nominated TV star made his feature film debut with 2012's Struck By Lightning, which he also wrote and executive produced, his new co-workers were equally impressed. As Oscar winner Allison Janney, who played Colfer's mom in the film, rhetorically asked the Associated Press, "How can he be so talented and accomplished and charming and be so impossibly young?"

Colfer has spent most of his post-Glee career focused on writing books, including the acclaimed children's series The Land of Stories. But with this kind of reputation as an actor, we're pretty sure anyone in Hollywood would want to hire Colfer in a heartbeat.

Adam Scott

From Boy Meets World to Step Brothers, Adam Scott was essentially known as "Oh yeah, that guy" for nearly 20 years before landing his breakthrough role as lovable nerd Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation in 2011. Since then, his career has skyrocketed. Besides starring opposite Reese Witherspoon on HBO's hit drama Big Little Lies, he's also co-created the Adult Swim series The Greatest Event in Television History, led comedy series Ghosted alongside Craig Robinson, and launched Gettin' Rad Productions with wife Naomi.

According to Scott's colleagues, his wide-ranging mainstream success comes down to his impressive work ethic, undeniable talents in the realms of comedy and drama, and the fact that he's a genuinely great person to be around. "He's a humble guy and self-effacing to a fault," close friend and frequent collaborator Paul Rudd told Backstage in 2010. "He's also one of the funniest people I know, yet this great dramatic actor." Meanwhile, Amy Poehler — the Leslie Knope to Scott's Ben Wyatt — told Vulture, "Adam is such a rare combination of a tremendously real actor and a very facile, comedic performer," adding, "He is really generous and kind and like a real pro."

Ted Danson

Best known for playing bartender Sam Malone on the iconic '80s sitcom Cheers, Ted Danson is the stuff of legend in the world of television. While he's gone on to star on the likes of Becker, Bored to Death, and Curb Your Enthusiasm, the actor is anything but jaded after decades of success in Hollywood — which has only made his The Good Place co-workers love him all the more.

Showrunner Mike Schur is known to nerd out over the esteemed Emmy winner. During an interview with IGN in 2016, he recalled how he once referred to Danson as "the greatest actor in the history of the medium of television" his face. Meanwhile, co-star Kristen Bell has called him a "national treasure," telling Collider, "He seems like such a heavyweight 'cause he brings this extensive resume and all this talent, but no one is lighter or funnier to be around. And he's so welcoming because he loves his job and he loves people. He's just joy personified."

Sterling K. Brown

Sterling K. Brown is best known for his turn as the lovable, anxiety-ridden, fan-favorite Randall Pearson on This Is Us. Ever since the hit NBC drama premiered in 2016, he's become a household name and one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood — all while making history as he's raked in awards. Given the charismatic TV star's well-deserved success, crossover talents in comedy and drama, humility, and big heart, it's no surprise that Mandy Moore, who plays Randall's mom, Rebecca, on the show, once admitted that Brown is someone their cast and crew "could (and do) gush about endlessly."

The Black Panther star also won the respect of Ryan Murphy while portraying prosecutor Christopher Darden on the acclaimed series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson. In 2017, the writer-director told IndieWire that Brown was an "iconic actor," a "trailblazer," and an "incredible role model," who was "always the most prepared." He added, "I'm not surprised at all at his success, because once we started working together, I was like, 'Oh. This guy is, like, Marlon Brando good.' ...I think Sterling is also somebody who can do anything."

Robert Downey Jr.

Throughout his nearly five-decade career, Robert Downey Jr. has become one of the most beloved movie stars Hollywood has to offer — and it's easy to see why. The industry vet, who was the third highest-paid actor in 2018, has been coined one of the greatest actors of his generation. While his co-stars and directors often speak highly of his undeniable talent, charisma, genius, and generosity, it'd be difficult to find anyone who loves the so-called "Godfather" of the Marvel Cinematic Universe more than the rest of the franchise's cast.

"It's low-hanging fruit to say Downey," Captain America star Chris Evans said at the 2018 ACE Comic Con when asked who he'd consider to be his mentor (via Calling the actor "irreplaceable" as Tony Stark/Iron Man, he added, "He's such a wonderful guy and is so talented, so experienced, and so supportive." 

The love is definitely mutual. Downey, who is known to take care of everyone on set, gave Evans a custom-built 1967 Camaro after wrapping Avengers: Infinity War — you know, because he can. "He really just opens his arms," Evans continued. "And it sounds so cheesy, but he makes it a family and none of this would happen without him."